Communications – (5N0690)

10 weeks

QQI Level 5

Learning Outcomes:

Learners will be able to:

  • Analyse a range of current issues in communications and information technology.
  • Summarize in practical terms the elements of legislation that must be observed in a personal and/or work context, to include health, safety and welfare at work and communications-related legislation.
  • Use appropriate non-verbal and visual communication in personal- and work-related settings, to include one-to-one, in a group/team, and in formal and informal interaction.
  • Demonstrate verbal skills appropriate to working under general direction, to include making a case and presenting a point of view in group discussion, formal meetings, interviews.
  •  Demonstrate listening skills appropriate to working under general direction, to include making eye contact, receiving and interpreting information, control of personal response.
  • Use reading techniques appropriate to a task, to include skimming, obtaining an overview, identifying key points, critical evaluation, in depth analysis.
  • Critique information from a range of complex written material, to include technical/vocational, personal, literary, and written and visual media texts.
  • Research a relevant vocational topic, to include use of primary and secondary sources, acknowledgement of sources, use of enquiry techniques and methods to establish validity and reliability.
  • Use drafting, proofreading and editing skills to write a range of documents that follow the conventions of language usage (spelling,  punctuation, syntax), to include creative writing, business proposals, correspondence, reports, memorandum, minutes, applications.
  • Demonstrate communications styles and techniques relevant to different situations in work and leisure, to include one-to-one and group contexts in conversation, interview, oral presentation, question and answer session and for the purposes of persuading, advocacy and informing.

Each participant receives a level 5 certificate upon completion

This is a part-time course consisting of one class per week. For details call (056) 7762146, Email us at or call into us in Dean Street, Kilkenny!