e-Business (5M0828) NFQ Level 5 Major Award

Certificate Details
Title: eBusiness
Teideal as Gaeilge: Ríomhghnó
Award Type: Major
Code: 5M0828
Level: 5
Credit Value: 120

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to enable the learner to acquire the
knowledge, skill and competence to work independently and under
supervision in a range of eBusiness contexts and or to progress to
further and or higher education and training.

Learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of eBusiness and how it may be used in a modern organisation.
  • Demonstrate specialist knowledge of eBusiness concepts and practices and an understanding of the equipment and infrastructure essential to conduct ecommerce.
  • Demonstrate a broad range of specialist knowledge and skills in eBusiness and in the design of a work-based solution to meet the needs of a business.
  • Select a range of techniques and tools to generate an
    eBusiness solution for a client through the use of information
    systems and technology.
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate theory and practice in an e-Business environment taking into consideration the economic, security and legal issues which may arise.


  • Perform eBusiness tasks to illustrate both independent initiative and the ability to work effectively in a team-based environment.
  • Take responsibility for own learning in a structured environment.
  • Apply critical reflection to gain an awareness of self-development and progression towards future learning experiences. The learning outcomes associated with this award are outlined in the associated Component Specifications.
  • To access programmes leading to this award the learner should have reached the standards of knowledge, skill and competence associated with the preceding level of the National Framework of Qualifications. This may have been achieved through a formal qualification or through relevant life and work experience.
  • Achievement of this award will enable the learner to transfer to other appropriate programmes leading to awards at the same level of the National Framework of Qualifications.


  • Achievement of this award will enable the learner to progress to other appropriate programmes leading to awards at the next or higher levels of the National Framework of Qualifications.
  • Learners who successfully complete this award may progress to a range of different awards.


(The grade achieved will be determined by the grades achieved on the components)

Certificate Requirements:
The total credit value required for this certificate is 120. This will be achieved by completing the following components:

You have to do these components:

(5N1369) e-Business Studies
(5N1611) The Internet
(5N1910) Web Authoring

A minimum credit value of 15 from the following components:
(5N0690) Communications
(5N0693) Constructive Thinking
(5N0972) Customer Service
(5N1367) Teamworking
(5N1951) Entrepreneurial Skills

A minimum credit value of 15 from the following components:
(5N1356) Work Experience
(5N1433) Work Practice

A minimum credit value of 30 from the following components:
(5N1348) Accounting Manual and Computerised
(5N1354) Bookkeeping Manual and Computerised
(5N1610) Business Administration Skills
(5N0783) Database Methods
(5N0784) Design Skills
(5N0785) Desktop Publishing
(5N1364) Digital Marketing
(5N1631) Irish
(5N1632) English as a Second Language
(5N1623) French
(5N1624) German
(5N1626) Italian
(5N1627) Polish
(5N1628) Russian
(5N1629) Slovak
(5N1630) Spanish
(5N1400) Marketing Practice
(5N1546) Payroll Manual and Computerised
(5N1418) Start your Own Business
(5N1358) Word Processing
(5N1952) Information and Communication Systems
(5N1977) Spreadsheet Methods
(5N2409) Supply Chain Operations
(5N2091) Business Law

The remaining credit value of 15 can be obtained by using relevant component(s) from level 5. A maximum of 15 credits may be used from either level 4 or level 6.

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